This Beautiful Machine

by Hailey Magee

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released August 27, 2015

Recorded by Skwerl Audio
Album Photo by Ryan Bobillo



all rights reserved


Hailey Magee Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, MA.

Honest, gritty, captivating singer-songwriter

Founder & Director of Emerging Boston Area Singer-Songwriters

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Track Name: Reckless
The sky was blacker than the crows perched upon the windowsill
God lost patience with the silence, poured his wine, and drank his fill
"The world don't mind me much," he said,
"The world don't mind me much at all"
He drowned the flowers in the flood, but still he never felt so small

We were reckless with our demons
We let them out to play
We were reckless with our love
And we were reckless with our faith

The ground was littered with our lies; we forgot the taste of spring
Washed our sheets clean of the fire; still we didn't feel a thing
We traded morning prayers for sleep; he was watching as we fell
"This world don't mind me much," he said,
"This world is making it's own hell,"


And then the sea grew heavy with the tide
The stars blackened by the smoke
He turned his back and conjured fire between his hands
Up in flames we went, oh

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Heart in Heart
My baby's like a summer breeze drifting cool across my feet
Fresh as pie, but probably twice as sweet
My baby flies me to the sky
I see an airplan passing by
With him, I'm twice as scared and twice as high

And I feel like a tourist in my own backyard
I've been wishing on fireflies
Thinking they were stars
Well, you're so easy and living's so hard
So won't you dance with me among the stars

My baby laughs with both his lungs
You would've sworn the gods had sung the melody that echoes from his tongue
Sometimes when it's cold outside I put that tongue up next to mine
And kiss him senseless till the morning light

And I feel like I'm living in old time black and white
When this world wasn't so big
And love turned out all right
Well you're so easy and living's so hard
So won't you dance with me among the stars
So won't you walk with me heart in heart
Track Name: You're Just A Kid
Once he held my ankle like it was made of silver and light
Once while I was sleeping he rearranged my bookcase
He looks at me strangely over his coffee cup
He says,

“You’re just a kid
Grabbing your years by the throat
You’re just a kid
Haven’t grown into your bones”
He plows his hands through his hair
Like he’s wondering how he got here

Well I’ve bit my nails to the nub
I’ve been tired, too
My body still springs from this bed
But I’ve watched love die and I’ve lost just like you
He touches me softly under my sheets, now
He says,


But I know what you pray to
When we have our dark days, music meets us where we are
Offers us a cigarette and opens the passenger door
Isn’t that what we’re all searching for?

But I’m just a kid
Grabbing my years by the throat
I’m just a kid
Haven’t grown into my bones
I plow my hands through my hair like I’m wondering how I got here
Like I don’t already know
Track Name: Even Heaven
He takes the stage with stars at the corners of his eyes
He’s lost inside the melodies he breathes to life
He’s a pickpocket player
Steals from the stars
Combs the beauty from the sea
A season collector
Winter in his chords
Summer when he’s looking up at me

He’s all I see

We find our gods between the lines on empty pages
Our lips are rich with poetry and wet with wine
We live to be wide
We claw at the skies
Even heaven couldn’t satisfy
I’m flame to his fire, the ghost to his writer

We carve spaces into places that need light
Lover, he grounds he firmly in the skies
You're so much more when you’re half of a hungry whole
Feed me, lover
Feed me, lover

I trace his face, brow to sleepy smile
This trust cuts deeper than my bones
And I know I feel like our bodies hold us back - I want more than that
Love laughs in the face of skin
But there’s music in his touch, I’ll sing it out for him
And pull him in


Morning light
Brush stroke sky
We’re watching it fall
Break me evenly among the stars, the stars in your eyes
I saw your light and I knew
I knew I was hungry
I knew I was hungry
I knew you could need me
I knew I was hungry
I knew I was hungry
I knew you could feed me
I knew I was hungry
I knew I was hungry
I knew you could feed me

Track Name: This Beautiful Machine
"We were blind,"
We will say
"We were stripped to the bone and we chose to be clothed
And we chose to be cold"

"We were gold
We turned grey
At our feet fell the world, but we looked to the stars and we prayed
For something more
For something more"

"We were deaf,"
We will say
"All the words of our peers fell like ghosts on deaf ears
While gospels rang"

"We know now,"
We will cry
"We looked elsewhere for love, elsewhere for light
But it was inside us all this time
All this time
All this time
All this time"

This beautiful machine [x12]

"We were dead,"
We will say
"Never living within the bind of our skin,
The touch of our lips"
We will bleed
We will bend
Every naked intent brought to life on the land,
Brought to life by a hand
And nothing more
And nothing more
And nothing more
And nothing more